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Insurgent Fan Day!

Pour lancer la promotion de Insurgent, les acteurs de Insurgent étaient sur les réseaux sociaux le 5 mars pour répondre aux questions des fans!

Je ne mets sur le blog que les questions/réponses concernant le tournage ou les films!

Désolé les questions réponses ne sont pas encore traduit. Je suis en période de partiels à la fac donc je n’ai pas le temps en ce moment. Je le fais le plus vite possible, merci de votre compréhension. 

Jay Courtney a réalisé un Q&A avec IMBD


Q: What was your favourite snack to eat on set??
A: Trail mix the kind w/ the M&Ms in it. That shit’s like crack
Q: If you could play any other character in the #Insurgent series, who would you play and why?
A: Tris
Q: how was working with Theo James? Did you guys have fun?
A: I hate Theo James. 🙂
Q: what’s your favorite part of playing a villain?
A: I get to have cool hair
Q: would you consider getting a piercing like Eric’s or his tattoos?
A: How do you know I don’t already have them?
Q: Were you an active member in the pushup club?
A: What’s the pushup club and how do I join?
Q: Is there a character/movie type you haven’t done yet but really want to do???
A: I’ve been considering a foray into porn but not sure if I’d be up to the task.
Q: which of the new cast did you enjoy working with the most?
A: Octavia Spencer was fun. She’s a sweetheart.
Q: Who would win in a fist fight you or theo? Be honest.
A: Theo and I both know who would win in a fist fight… He tried to start one once.
Q: Describe Insurgent with 3 words 🙂
A: Sequel to Divergent 😉
Q: Have you already seen the movie or no?
A: Yes, it’s great! Get excited.
Q: I know its early but any chance you may be in San Diego in July for maybe SDCC 😉
A: Probably, but I’m not sure. Maybe.
Q: who inspires you?
A: Miles Teller evidement.
Q: what was your favorite scene to shoot?
A: There’s an exciting chase sequence through the woods in #insurgent. I only fell over twice.
Q: Eric and Four, who is hotter?
A: Four. That man is purty.
Q: how’s working with shai and theo?
A: C’était génial!
Q: Are you as badass in real life as the characters you play?
A: Oh I’m bad to the bone baby.
Q: where did you enjoy filming most, in Chicago or Atlanta?
A: Gotta say Chicago. It’s a dope town.
Q: do you ship sheo? (do you want Shailene and Theo together?)
A: If I can’t have Theo, no one can.
Q: do you think divergent was better or insurgent was better?
A: I think both were great but #Insurgent is definitely bigger. The stakes are raised & the action is more intense.

Ansel Elgort a réalisé un Q&A avec BuzzFeed


Q: Describe the movie in one word!
A: Bien
Q: How are you feeling about people finally seeing the movie?
A: I’m hype
Q: are you excited to go back on Set to film allegiant?
A: Ouais!
Q: what’s your favourite scene in insurgent and your favourite character?
A: Quatre est mon personnage préféré duhhh
Q: If factions were real, what faccion would you choose?
A: Les Fraternels, pour manger.

Shailene Woodley et Theo James étaient en Live Stream

Octavia Spencer répondait aux fans sur le twitter de Divergent.

Q: Would you be in Amity?
A: after you see the beautiful #Amity set you will understand why everyone will want to be there.
Q: Would you eat the Amity bread?
A: it depends on if it’s wheat or white and if it comes with peanut butter
Q: I just can’t wait to see you on Insurgent. Have you watched the movie?
A: i’ve seen the movie and can’t wait to see it again.
Q: Which faction would you choose?
A: I hope 4 candor, pray that I am dauntless n times of great fear, have the wisdom of abnegation but will at my core be amity
Q: in a scale 1 to 10 how exited we should be about Insurgent movie?
A: I’m a 20. huge fan of Veronica Roth’s books. #Divergent all the way!
Q: what were your reaction when you went on the set of Insurgent for the first time ?
A: #Amity set is beautiful. I really wanted to buy everything I saw because it’s so rustic and peaceful.
Q: How did the existing cast make you feel welcome when you first got to the set?
A: they are all amazing ppl. we had a get to know you dinner w/ lots of laughs. super fun
Q: Avez-vous lu les livres?
A: Je les ai tous lu. Je relis Allegiant pour la troisième fois.
Q: Which sermon from the divergent world would you be most afraid to be under?
A: I think being under any serum would be terrifying.
Q: what do you feel about the movie and fans of divergent books?
A: It’s good 2 c fans invested in the characters. I’m in love with Tris & 4, 2. Insurgent will make ❤ them more.
Q: Hi! How was to give life to such an important character that represents women’s power? Thanks!
A: it’s a huge responsibility to bring a beloved character to life but enjoyed it.
Q: question is how is shailene and theo chemistry on and off set?
A: chemistry is hard to manufacture. they are quite magnetic offscreen. that’s why we love them onscreen.
Q: Octavia what was it like transitioning from a TV show Red Band Society to the Insurgent Movie?
A: I did the movie before the show. both were great experiences
Q: who was your favourite cast member on set and why?
A: the script/book was my fav cast member. it brought us all together to do a great project!
Q: what is the best memory of the set that you remember?
A: My first day in makeup tests. I got to visit the #Amity set. IT’S STUNNING.
Q: How excited are you for people too see the movie? 😀
A: this movie is amazing. I can’t wait to see it again… that’s how excited I am. #AmityRules #TrisandFourForever
Q: What’s your favorite part of Insurgent ?
A: It’s one heck of a ride honey. Hang on to your hat
Q: define Insurgent movie in one word
Q: What did you think of the end of Allegiant? Did you cry? I cried a lot!
A: right now, we are living INSURGENT. I don’t want to jump too far ahead, but yeah. i did.
Q: What’s your favourite book from the @Divergent series?
A: it’s all one giant book to me, One beautiful narrative. get ready for tris & four!
Q: What made you audition for you role ?
A: luckily they GAVE me the part :O

Naomi Watts répondait aux questions des fans sur le facebook de Divergent.


Q: Do you like Divergent or Insurgent?
A: Divergent was great but Insurgent gets even more exciting. SO much action and a lot of heart too…
Q: Do you feel like the movie stayed true to the book?
A: Yes I do! And THEN SOME!
Q: Was it hard to get into the role state of mind for Evelyn?
A: No. I loved it. She is a strong woman with an edge…a wildness to her that makes it really fun for an actor.
Q: What faction would you choose?
A: Les sans-factions.
Q: Did You Like to Work With Shailene Woodley ?
A: Absolutely!!! She’s incredible. SOOOO talented! And really very sweet too.
Q: What was your audition process like? And how have you prepared yourself for the role as Evelyn?
A: Luckily I didn’t have to audition…my preparation was mostly just in reading the books…
Q: What attracted you to the role of Evelyn?
A: She’s an impressive bold woman, I’m much shyer than her
Q: Did you speak to Veronica about Evelyn at all?
A: Yes I did. It was great to meet with her and get her understanding of Evelyn
Q: Did you get to do all of your own stunts?
A: Oui
Q: What was it like working with shailene?
A: J’adore cette fille.
Q: i just wanna know how was play Evelyn In Insurgent ?
A: It was really fun but I think more fun is yet to come…
Q: Are you like Evelyn at all?
A: Je ne pense pas…
Q: What do you love most about Evelyn?
A: she’s courageous and impressive!
Q: Decrivez le film en un mot!
A: Aventurieux
Q: How did you feel joining a sequel, when the core cast had already worked together on Divergent?
A: After seeing the first film I felt confident about joining such a well « oiled machine ». They were a fantastic group to work with…
Q: Which faction would you choose if there was no factionless? x
A: Dauntless because I am a tomboy at heart
Q: What’s the scariest thing about coming into an established franchise? What’s the easiest thing about it?
A: It was pretty scary but it was nice also to see how focused these young actors were and how committed they were.
Q: How was Theo when you did the first scene together ? Was he stressed ? And what about Shailene ?
A: NO! They are both impressive actors who are on top of their game… I was really pleased to be in the room with such gifted people who were so committed to what they were doing.
Q: Did you read the books before being cast??
A: Oui
Q: What made you want to play Evelyn?
A: I’ve always wanted to play a power hungry character with an agenda!
Q: Which faction would you want to live in the divergent world?
A: I like where Evelyn is because she has the traits of many different factions
Q: What is your best memory from the Insurgent set?
A: The actual sets were extraordinary. They made a huge impact on my children’s imagination, not to mention my own!
Q: Who is your favorite character?
A: they are both great. and i love the exploration of identity. it’s endlessly fascinating to me…
Q: How was it working with Kate?
A: Fantastic! I have obviously be a long admirer of her work over the years. I wish we had the chance to have more scenes together but we still had a lot of fun anyway
Q: Any thoughts about theo james?
A: Theo has clearly come from a lot of great training. He is very focused and has a powerful presence
Q: Do you think the movie and the book are gonna be similar??
A: The writers have managed to stayed very true to the book and the visuals of what can be done with cinema make it even more spectacular
Q: Any spoilers for us? What is the factionless compound like?? ;D
A: The factionless have become a force to be reckoned with with but can’t give away any secrets! Stay tuned!
Q: Who’s the most fun to work with on set?
A: Shailene était à la fois amusante et impressionnante!
Q: Was Evelyn a difficult role to portray?
A: Evelyn was a whole lot of fun, and she’s going to get even more fun!
Q: What was your favorite scene to film?
A: All the scenes in the Factionless community because the set was fantastic and also the outstanding cast made it all a lot of fun!

Et enfin, Veronica Roth répondait aux questions des fans sur le tumblr de la série Divergent.


Veronica a répondu à ma question!!!! <4


VeronicaAnswer2 VeronicaAnswer3

Veronica a également répondu à une autre française! 😉

VeronicaAnswer4 VeronicaAnswer5 VeronicaAnswer6 VeronicaAnswer7 VeronicaAnswer8 VeronicaAnswer9 VeronicaAnswer10


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