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Nouveaux portraits des personnages de Insurgent!

Après les nouveaux posters, voici les nouveaux portraits des personnages de Insurgent révélé par Poeple!

Traduction à venir

« She’s fueled by the demons that haunt her, » Woodley tells PEOPLE of her character’s transformation in the second film in the series. « The loss of her parents and her friend [Will] make her feel like she is unstoppable in her quest for justice. »



Tris’s partner in crime (or, uh, justice), Theo James’s Four, returns to her side to continue battling the power-hungry Jeanine (Kate Winslet). « This movie is about his mission to protect Tris and the broader society, and mixed into that are his own personal demons, » James explains. Four and Tris « are two damaged people who are trying to struggle through a war, » he adds, « which makes [their relationship] richer and more enticing. »



Meanwhile, Winslet’s Jeanine will do what she can to take down Four, Tris and anyone else who gets in the way of her climb to the top. « Tris and Jeanine’s relationship has become a power game, » Winslet says. « Jeanine has a very bizarre and uncomfortable fascination with and admiration for Tris. » Off-screen, Winslet also has an admiration for her wardrobe. « It’s been really nice being able to wear all the cut, fitted dresses that help create such an intimidating villain. It’s made Jeanine feel much more powerful, cattier and nastier, » she says.



The Divergent series’ bad boy (played by Miles Teller) returns as well – though this time around, his character has a few different dimensions. « His cockiness comes from a place of insecurity, » Teller says. « But he’s fun because he enjoys giving Tris a hard time, and that’s important. You need to have an instigator. »


Zoë Kravitz’s character starts the film with (SPOILER ALERT) her boyfriend Will dead and her former best friend Tris responsible. « Everyone’s in a chaotic place, » Kravitz says. « In Divergent, Christina is often the comic relief. She’s very funny and sarcastic. In this film, you see a darker side of her. »



Tris’s brother Caleb, played by Ansel Elgort, becomes a more central character in Insurgent. « Even though Caleb does some pretty dastardly things, Ansel manages to convince us that he believes in some greater good – even if it’s at the risk of his own sister’s life, » says producer Douglas Wick.



Octavia Spencer joins the cast as Johanna, an Amity leader who goes on to help Tris and Four in their fight. « She brought such fierce, strong, compelling female energy to the set, » Woodley says. NaomiWatts is a new face in the cast, too, and Woodley teases that « both of their characters have a sense of mystery surrounding them – you can’t quite tell if they will be antagonists or protagonists – but their ominous demeanors lend a very exciting element. »



2 Réponses

  1. Je suis la seule à voir que Caleb (Ansel) est bizarre sur cette photo ???

    mars 4, 2015 à 9:08

    • Non, même lui ne se reconnait pas! Ils ont abusé sur le retouchage…

      mars 4, 2015 à 9:11

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