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Ansel Elgort parle de Insurgent avec ChristianToday!

Ansel Elgort nous révèle quelques nouveaux détails sur Insurgent dans son interview avec Christian Today, il explique que Caleb serra un personnage plus « sombre » dans Divergent, et que la relation entre Tris et son frère sera différente. Par ailleurs, on apprends que Shailene a réalisé plus de cascades et de combat que dans le premier film.


The second installment for the « Divergent » film series is scheduled to premiere in early 2015, and actor Ansel Elgort has shared that the said film is now in its post-production phase.

« Insurgent is about to be done. I have one more day left and that’s going to be – it’s darker and I’m excited for that. It’s good. Different from this movie, » Elgort said.

As Shailene Woodley and Theo James will reprise their roles as Tris and Four, respectively, Elgort will also return as Caleb, Tris Prior’s brother.

Compared to the first film « Divergent, » Elgort will appear more in the second installment as his character becomes « darker, » and the 20-year-old actor was required to appear on set and film more often.   Elgort also mentioned that his character’s relationship with Tris will significantly change.

Woodley’s character had also been described as more « badass » as she was expected to venture out and fight more battles, hence the need to have « a lot more stunts. »

In an interview with the Times’ Hero Complex blog, Woodley opened up about their experiences in filming « Insurgent, » and how different it felt from doing the prequel.

« It’s interesting because the movie feels bigger in tone and in image but in a scene it feels smaller, » the 22-year-old actress shared. « Some scenes feel like we’re doing an indie film in a way because they’re so full of truth. »

In agreement to Woodley’s statements, James also shared his sentiments on being on set for the upcoming film, and described the experience as « richer » and « more complex. »

With the upcoming sequel being directed by Robert Schwentke, Woodley only had positive comments to say about their new director. Aside from making the cast members feel comfortable on set as they went through filming, Schwentke also ensured that a particular scene suggests the « right flow » or « right tone » before proceeding.

While there have been a lack of photos and clips relating to the upcoming sci-fi action movie, « Insurgent » has been slotted to hit theaters on March 20, 2015.


Par ailleurs, je vous ajoute deux posters crée par des fans pour vous faire patienter la longue attente avant les premiers images.. et petit rappel, le trailer sortira pour la sortie de Hunger Games: Partie 1 La Révolte, soit dans 41 jours!



Source: ChristianToday


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